In this episode I had the pleasure of having a guest (Anime.philosophy) on to talk a little bit about the philosophical concepts that can be interpret...View Details

Jacki and I spew some bullshit and talk about anime. This time, he spoils nothing for me. If you enjoyed the episode, please consider subscribing to t...View Details

SPOILER ALERT This is an SAO Alicization review in which my guest Jacki and myself discuss the most recent season in detail. There are some spoilers, ...View Details

Alex (Professor Otaku) and I finally got around to discussing and reviewing this movie. We're both huge Dragon Ball fans, so it should not be a surpri...View Details

I'm alive! In this episode, I discuss a list that was previously posted on Instagram (@otaku.sphere) surrounding the topic of how I would ease someone...View Details

Really random episode but it was fun. Enjoy! Please consider subscribing to the podcast and leaving a rating/review on apple podcasts! Have a great da...View Details

Short discussion on anime live-action adaptations. We talk about some of the more recent ones that have been announced for production (One Piece, My H...View Details

Discussion format review of Sirius the Jaeger with Jacki (@Rindouyashi --> Host of Tatenopodcast). We do our best to review the series critically,...View Details

In this episode Ty and John-David (co-founder and owner of Moefreak) discuss the origins of the anime-inspired clothing company as well as the inner w...View Details

Ty reviews and discusses the 20th Pokemon film. As always, thanks for tuning in and please leave a review/rating on the Apple Podcast App! "When Ash K...View Details

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